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3 Comments on "Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Burns and Smiles (Television)"

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Joy Poe

This ad felt like a movie, and yet the reality is very striking. So well done! I love the educational aspect of the program, but the sentiment about smiling more than once a year makes my heart ache a little, in a good way. Good job covering the content for the ad.

Christian Witt
Natalie, This ad brought out many emotions: Sadness – because the man felt like he could only go out one night a year and still truly be himself. Also, the fact that he not only suffered a horrific burn but he must live with the aftermath of it. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Happiness – because you really see him open up and enjoy himself that one night. Anger – because we all know how cruel people can be. It’s a shame people are out-casted and maligned because of how they look. In reality, many people can… Read more »

You choose great ads that are emotional heart warming ads. I think the author will definitely get the response that he was looking for from the audience. This a great ad!