Greatest Marketing Campaigns: Sandy Hook Promise (Television)

Cannes Lions Film Jury

Gold Winner

Agency: BBDO New York



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Christian Witt
Natalie, Nice job and choice of ad. In addition to recognizing the signs of a potential shooter, the ad also provides a glimpse into the lives and personalities of those who might become victims. Honestly, I only caught one or two of the signs when I watched it – until the end when they showed all of them. This is a powerful, eye-opening message and I hope that awareness about gun violence continues to spread. I have been so encouraged by the kids from Parkland and I think we may have finally reached a tipping point. We shall see. Thank… Read more »
Jarrett Bailey

Hello Natalie,

Great job on your T.V. ads. My top ad was the Old Spice 5 Year Plan. I remember viewing this commercial when it first debuted. It caught my interest because instead of just saying I am going to take your job, the interviewee actually switched places with the boss. Thank you for your post. I look forward to viewing more of your work.


I liked this ad as well , I am glad to see that the author of this ad is trying to focus on safety. Promoting safety should be seen more on television. I like your choice with this ad , great job!