The Importance of Passion as an Entrepreneur: You Have To Have It

Passion, it feels good. I think back to projects that I have worked on that were fueled by my passion to do them and to do them well and compare them to the ones in which I just completed to say that I did. I find that not only are the results often sub-par when I lack passion, but my overall attitude during the process is typically terrible and I dread nearly every step that I take towards the finish line, and sometimes I do not even finish. Having passion makes it so much easier to self-motivate, to give it your all, to be proud of the finished product. Being a successful entrepreneur takes passion, you have to love what you do and love doing it. Having passion is exciting and just feels genuinely amazing. Waking up every day with purpose and loving what one does is truly success.

Passion, it looks good. People can tell when you are passionate, and it is surely something to be appreciated. People are more willing to jump on board with a passionate person. As an entrepreneur, this could mean investors or even clients. There have been so many times in my life and career that people have seen me be passionate about something and just offer up resources because of this. Passion helps to open doors of opportunity. According to founder and CEO, David Lucatch, of Yappn Corp, a translator service, the people he has seen achieve the greatest success in their personal and professional lives are passionate people that lead, support, and mentor others with that ‘zeal and zest’ for the work and the people. In this interview with Business Insider, Lucatch goes on to say that passionate people exude confidence. I am the co-owner of a small mostly online boutique, and it certainly takes passion and confidence to sell our clothes. Our clients want to see that we love our products, nobody wants to buy from someone who is simply lackluster. They want to buy and work with people who are energized by passion.

Passion, it spreads. Passion is a fire that spreads. In ‘It’s a Jungle in There” author Schussler says that as a leadership quality, one’s own passion is what galvanizes other into action. I want to be not just an entrepreneur, but also a leader, I want to motivate others in my organization, be a mentor, and encourage those around me to be great as well. I have watched leaders with passion inspire their teams to do amazing things that they had never imagined they could. Lucatch says that professionals who are excited create enthusiasm in their teams and with others. I could not agree more. I had a manager who cultivated me as I worked with her for three years, she was an effective leader and always stayed enthusiastic about our team goals. So even when I had outgrown my position she still inspired me to think outside of the box, create new projects, and even grow in my personal and professional life, all because she was a passionate leader. Passion is an amazing thing. Wars have been won, awards have been received, money has been made, and success has been grasped all on the flames of passion.

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