Practice Makes Excellence.

When I think of excellence, I think of the well-known motivational quote, “practice makes perfect.” I think of fine tuning and I think of attention to detail. I envision training hard and practicing even harder. My mind goes off to visualize people who work hard with focus and determination to create the best that they can putting in their blood, sweat, and tears. I see people who never give up and who may fall but always get back up. People who do not settle for mediocrity, or average, or just enough. Excellence is setting goals and chasing dreams, shooting for the moon and refusing to just land among the stars. Excellence is going above and beyond. It’s giving your all and your very best, and then some. So yes, I think of “practice makes perfect, and sure, perfect is great in theory, but I think the concept of perfection does not take into consideration growth and the potential for even better. We should always strive for perfect but for true success, big-thinking success, we must realize it is not just some end point that we must get to but rather an ongoing journey. “Practice makes excellence”, is so much more realistic and encompasses the journey concept. We as aspiring entrepreneurs or present entrepreneurs must practice excellence and practice FOR excellence.

In “It’s a Jungle in There”, Steven Schussler says that he framed two quotes that inspire him and placed them above his desk, one of those quotes declares that, “The noblest search is the search for excellence.” To be a successful entrepreneur one must search deep within themselves for excellence and inspire those that work with and for them to shoot for excellence as well. Your efforts should be deliberately focused on and aimed at excellence. You must breathe and perspire for excellence. Success depends on it. Excellence is something that should be ingrained in all that you do, make, and sell.

I want my entrepreneurial venture to be an industry leader in excellence with a focus in quality and accuracy. I want excellent customer service to be what we are known for. I want to offer excellent products, excellent service, just exude and radiate excellence. The second quote which Schussler framed simply states that, “When you’re out of quality, you’re out of business”. No matter what entrepreneurial venture you are headed toward, be sure to never sacrifice excellence. I have watched what may be my future competition take shortcuts and make other moves that are ethically questionable, honestly this is part of what led my husband and I to want to start our own business. We saw the opportunity to do things right, to be excellent. Quality and the continuous dedication to quality sells. People want to know that you are giving them your best product or service. They want to be able to trust you and depend on what you are selling or providing. They want to know and believe and receive excellence.

We must, as entrepreneurs, practice all that leads to being excellent. Practice makes excellence and success depends on it.

Schusssler, S. (2010). It’s a Jungle in There. New York, NY: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

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