Take your marketing with you! Yes, you are going to need to market…

Marketing is a contest for people’s attention -Seth Godin

Nothing sells itself. I do not care how many times you have heard that saying about a product, it is just absolutely not true. Selling takes marketing in some sort of shape or form. Perhaps you have read in one of my previous blog posts that I sell clothes, women’s clothes to be more specific. You may also have caught on that I have a bit of a passion for marketing, although I sometimes do not have the time to invest as much as I would like into experimenting and implementing different ideas that I have. Marketing is important and it is a huge part of getting sales for my business partner and I. We make online sales, marketing and selling mostly through social media. However, the biggest chunk of our sales are made via network marketing. We meet new people, mostly through people we know or while going about our everyday life, and we introduce them to the brand and the clothing. One of the things we are still working on though is really effectively marketing and getting our boutique and our clothes out there in front of more potential customer’s eyes, and on bodies (at least in a dressing room).

In his book ‘It’s a Jungle in There’, author Steven Schussler talks about customers not buying what they don’t know exists. He discusses getting your product out there and into the eyes of potential customers. He tells a story about keeping a restaurant replica in his trunk at all times, so that whenever a potential investor made a comment on wanting to check out the concept, he could take them right out to his car and show them that very day! This anecdote really put the “yup” in my head and really reinforced the advice, “you have to wear what you sell”. It is something my business partner repeatedly tells me and I think it’s really something that all entrepreneurs should keep in mind and in practice somehow or another. If you sell a product or service, you should at all times, have that product or service at least visually available in some tangible form, a picture, a sample, something, anything! I cannot tell you how many times I have not even had my business card readily available or I was too shy to continue the conversation or hand my card over to someone who was admiring one of our dresses that I was wearing.

More than that though, that is, getting yourself out there and promoting or marketing your brand, product, or business, I think it is important to think outside of the box about your marketing. You have to stand out, you have to be different, and for obvious reasons. We all experience marketing being thrown at us from the time we wake up to the time we lay down and go back to bed (and perhaps in our dreams too). So as the entrepreneurs trying to make sales, we have to do something that makes potential customers stop for a moment and say, “hey, maybe” or we will never have the chance to get them to say, “yes”. In his article ‘6 Ways to Think Outside the Box When Marketing Your Small Business’, Dan Scalco (2017) gives a couple of ideas for entrepreneurs to think outside of the box in their marketing. Like allowing customers to get personalized products, promoting customer engagement, showing appreciation to customers in special ways, developing a loyalty program, utilizing the untapped market over at social sites like LinkedIn, or even surveying your existing customers and offering rewards.

These tips may sound like pretty obvious opportunities, but there are plenty of businesses who are not doing these things, which just goes to show that it does not take much to be a little out of the ordinary! Taking your marketing with you and thinking outside of the box a bit could be just what you need to give your business a boost. I know it is something that I will be trying to keep more front of mind moving forward.

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