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Joy Poe

Hi Natalie! I’m glad you explained this ad. I came across it in my research for print ads and for some reason, I could not make sense of the drain. I feel a little dumb admitting that after reading the rather obvious explanation. However, I do wonder sometimes if ads that win awards are a bit like movies that win certain awards? in other words, some people get it and some people don’t. There were a few tv ads I encountered that had left me wondering if I was missing something or perhaps did not come from the same cultural… Read more »

April Bostic
April Bostic

Great explanation of the ad. Like Joy, when I look at this ad I had a hard time figuring out the message.


Hey Natalie, I was somewhat confused about the advertisement at first but after you explanation of the overview and the objective I was able to better comprehend the message from Poly-Brite’s advertisement. From an appearance perspective, the advertisement was visually appealing to me. I think that finding advertisements that have a great visual component is excellent for those companies, like Poly-Brite to advertise on but combining that with a great usage of accompanying text is just as important as the visuals. Without a strong, clear message the ads just become another non standout advertisement that people forget and doesn’t serve… Read more »