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Joy Poe

Hi Natalie!
You are so poised and well-spoken, this almost seems like an advertisement. If I were an ideal client for your boutique, I would be flattered by your description! You and your partner really have a solid profile for your ideal client. You could almost point her out on the street! Your presentation was well put together as well. I will have to check out adobe spark for a future assignment. I think I have it on my ipad, but haven’t played with it, yet! This is a great presentation! Regina Nicole has a top-notch co-owner!

Best, JOY Poe


Hey Natalie,

After watching the presentation, I thought that the construction of it was really quite good. I was able to assess all the information I needed because you provided that information in order to see where your business is heading and who your ideal clients are. I thin your ideal client is certainly reachable and you will be able to find out more about yourself and your company as you move forward.

Your company is doing great and I hope that your company finds furthered success. I know that you and your cofounder are going to do great things!

Michelle Moore

Hi Natalie, You appear to have a good perspective of your audience. Considering your location, boutiques are wonderful in small towns. When you are able to specialize to make the client feel special, they will be lifelong partners. The referrals are so important in this type of business. if you can tailor a look for a client and even more be able to know them and shop for them, it will create a consistent and stability for your company. You mentioned that your merchandise was affordable. Boutiques usually have more high in prices for those specialty items. How do you… Read more »

Lakarielle McInnis

Hi Natalie, I often shop at boutiques. As a matter fact, I prefer boutiques over big chain stores. I like the uniqueness of the clothes/accessories, as well as the overall shopping experience. What usually draws me to a boutique is its visibility. I usually know where to go, when I’m in a different city, by going to areas of town that gives off the vibe of the type of clothing I’m looking for. I say this, to suggest a key for reachability to your target market could be location. Maybe being located in an area that would drive a lot… Read more »

Gregory Childers
Gregory Childers

I thought you did a great job, you are very well spoken. What a great idea everyone loves Boutiques, my former landlord is opening a Boutique Hotel in Downtown Boone with a rooftop bar.