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1 year ago

Hey Natalie! I have seen your business go through the start up phase (still technically the start up phase) and I’m really pleased to see you go over your logo. It’s important for a company Regina Nicole to form an identify through your logo that helps your new and existing consumers. Your presentation was really awesome. To see the transformation of the logo design from when you started to the finish was helpful to see. I know that we went through over a hundred different designs to find that ‘right one’ for us to really bring in consumers we were… Read more »

Jill Thompson
1 year ago


I really like the process you take the viewer through by sharing how you started to come up with your logo idea. I really like the choice of color and how you tied the boutique colors in with the subtle colors in the logo. Even the mens line makes sense, and I agree by taking out your co-owner names this has a more masculine feel.

1 year ago

Natalie, Great job on your presentation & designing these logo options. Although the lip print options are cute, it made me think of makeup products and not clothing. I would have to agree that I like #1 the best out of the four shown. I like the brush stroke of color you added to the design – colorful, clean, simple & classic. I like that with this logo your able to just switch out the “what” part of the logo to make it a whole different aspect of your business. When it comes to the R&N logo – I think… Read more »