Regina Nicole Boutique-How To Get First Dibs & Great Deals on New Boutique Fashion That Fits & Won’t Hurt Your Wallet! Direct Response Tool and Analysis

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Direct Response Tool Analysis

In creating a “two-step” direct response marketing tool for Regina Nicole Boutique, I found that the most difficult task was deciding what I could offer of value to consumers. I determined that offering entry into our exclusive VIP Shopping Group would be the best route to take. Our group currently consists of over 600 members but growing the group will only allow us the opportunity to be in front of the eyes of new potential customers. The group operates as a small community of mostly women. We post great deals, funny graphics, inspirational quotes, and more. To be a member you have to be invited to the group by an existing member, so it really limits our visibility. I knew that offering a way into the group that does not require knowing someone within would allow for increased and valuable reach.

Creating the tool was very straight forward. I used JotForm to create a form with a headline, a picture, a little info about the boutique and what the group offers member. The form asks for the client’s name, email address, birthday, phone number (optional) and feedback on what they value or would value receiving from us. I also included in the form a note that informs applicants that by filling out the form, they are also signing up for our email list, which is why they are asked for their email address.

Email acquisition is very important to us as we really are looking to beef up our email campaigning. Our current conversion rates are low, but our open-rates are slightly above industry averages, so there is great potential in that avenue.

The birth date, we can use to surprise and delight our customers with a special offer just for them, just for their birthday. The feedback is great because it allows current and potential customers the chance to tell us what they want from us, and existing customers can give us quick feedback on what they think about what we are already doing. I edited the form several times before I got it where I wanted it both in aesthetics and functionality. I was sure to include branding, including our logo, voice and terminology. I also included a real review from one of our customers.

The form breaks down as follows:

Starting with the catchy headline.

How To Get First Dibs & Great Deals on New Boutique Fashion That Fits & Won’t Hurt Your Wallet!

Followed by a subheading. Briefly describing the offering.


Then I addressed the customer in a small body by saying…

Hey There Beautiful,

We want to give you free access to our exclusive VIP Shopping Group. You’ll find fashion tips, inspiration, motivation, and best of all member-only discounts, giveaways, and promotions. Regina Nicole Boutique features hand-picked boutique fashion at affordable prices in a wide range of sizes for all women. We break the mold when it comes to the boutique world. Fill out the form below to be added to our email list and gain access to our VIP Shopping Group. You won’t want to miss the fun!


Regina Nicole

Next I inserted the attractive graphic we use in the group pinned post.

That is followed by the form requests for information.

And then I added some pertinent info or “small print”.

By completing this form you are also subscribing to our email list. Don’t worry we only send good things!

You will be redirected to the VIP Shopping Group on Facebook where you can request to join!

Lastly, the submit button and a review from one of our customers.

The form then directs the applicant to our Facebook Group where they can simply hit “Request to Join”. We then approve or deny all requests within 24 hours.

Before evaluating my direct response tool, I wanted to see how my ideal clients received the marketing piece as well as understand the results.

The feedback both on the form and from those I sent the link to was very positive and customers were receptive. I even had a few people share it with their friends. The only negative I received was the page is not secure and therefore information entered in could potentially be compromised. This individual did not fill the form out for this reason. That is something that I am trying to remedy.

At the time of this blog post being written, we had received 9 responses. I really want to find more ways to put this tool to use and see more responses. When thinking of ways to really expand the reach for this form, I think paid advertising on social media could be a great start. I also think that taking a tablet to our next event could also work to go along with our email acquisition efforts.

We will certainly be using this concept as well as this particular form to continue to gain leads. This is a much less evasive way to really gain some important information and hopefully create new customers by creating value.




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