Professional Presentation ENT 645

I gave an inspirational and motivational presentation on, Sunday, August 1, 2018 at 7:30 EST. In the days and weeks leading up to my chat I racked my brain endlessly trying to decide what I was an “expert” in and could talk about via a Facebook LIVE chat/talk. I ultimately decided that I would talk about what I know and can talk about freely and excitedly. As an entrepreneur, I know how much courage, hard work, dedication, drive, and support it takes to be self-motivated and work hard on a dream and on a business. I talked to my audience of around 20 attendees about following their passions, using the resources at hand, and finding others that inspire and support them. I told my story in hope that someone could relate to the fact that things do not always turn out exactly how we plan but that if we keep pushing, they’ll turn out exactly how they are meant to be. The responses were positive, and though I was nervous during the presentation, seeing that everyone was so supportive and receptive really gave me a boost of confidence and it felt amazing. I learned a ton from this experience and hope to do more public speaking in the future. Those who watch cheered me on in the comments, told me how proud they were, and more. I even got a few texts from some supporters who thoroughly enjoyed my talk. You can few the talk below.

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